NoviMed Hearing

When the OTC Hearing Aid act was signed into law, we founded NoviMed Hearing to dramatically improve the quality of direct-to-consumer hearing aids and offer the hearing professional the opportunity to lead in this new OTC space.

Many other companies use antiquated designs, outdated technology, and low-quality components to make inexpensive hearing amplifiers/hearing aids. We started NoviMed Hearing to prove that great design, high quality, and performance do not have to be sacrificed to create an affordable OTC hearing aid. 

We are a team of engineers, developers, and technicians who, for decades, designed and manufactured some of the most innovative and highest-quality hearing aids in the world.  We are now releasing hearing products at the same level of quality and performance we created before but at a fraction of the cost. We deliver:


NoviMed Hearing products are high-performance products that are incredibly comfortable for all-day wear. When it comes to mild to moderate, high-frequency loss, the RIC form factor is the favorite form factor for Audiologists for a few very important reasons. RIC devices can offer extended high-frequency amplification. They can be a very open fitting, dramatically reducing the occlusion effect and they offer excellent physical comfort for the patient.

Earbud form factors are generally very uncomfortable, can cause tremendous occlusion, and are generally seen as devices to wear at the gym or on the airplane, not at the dining room table. At NoviMed Hearing, we believe OTC hearing aids must address the same issues that prescription hearing aids do: high-quality amplification, all-day comfort, and must be highly reliable even in hot and humid conditions.

We utilize premium components, and we take no shortcuts. The result is superior directionality, ultra-low distortion, and extended high-frequency amplification. We also understand patients with mild to moderate hearing loss require very low system noise (EIN) in quiet.

Decades of experience in mechanical design within the hearing industry means products that can withstand the test of time. All of our products are also nano-coated for exceptional moisture protection.

NoviMed Hearing gives you a high-quality and affordable hearing aid line for those prospective patients seeking a more economical solution for their hearing problems.

NoviMed RIC Pro Wireless

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Home Screen

Sound Options Screen (shown for Home Program)

View and download the NoviMed RIC Pro Wireless User Guide here.